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Dispatched spare parts for pump OPV2-145 [7.10.2014]

Dispatched are two pumps OPV2-87K of marine modification an export contract. [20/08/2014]
Dispatched are two pumps OPV2-87K of marine modification an export contract.The pumps are equipped with modern drives the rotation of blades of own development.

Exporter of the Year [18.04.2014]
The result of the 2012-2013 year SVERDMASH included in the TOP 50 manufacturing companies in Russia and it was noted Exporter of the Year Award

The immediate repairs of pumps type Д, СЭ, ЦН, КсВ, ПЭ and others generated the main stock of spare parts. [5.03.2014]
Completely formed warehouse stock of impellers, bearing housings, shafts for pumps: Д2000-100-2 and 20Д-6; Д2500-62-2 and 18НДС; Д3200-33-2 and 20НДН; Д4000-95-2 and 22НДС; Д6300-27, and 32Д-19; Д6300-80-2 and 24НДС; ЦН400-105; ЦН400-210; ЦН1000-180,
Mastered the production impellers of steel grades Steel 25Л, 20Х13Л and 12Х18Н9ТЛ [26.12.2013]
Completed a long step in the manufacture modeling equipment and development in the production of impellers for pumps type D, ЦН, СЭ, ПЭ, Kc and HM steels from the following marks: Steel 25Л, 20Х13Л, 12Х18Н9ТЛ
Shipped pump OPV10-145 of the export contract [21.11.2013]
In the production of pump OPV10-145 required efforts to fulfill all conditions of the credit. Including prepare overall pump parts to be delivered by sea 40 ft container.
Shipped party inserts of 2 segments to the pump OPV3-87 [8.11.2013]

Shipped impeller for pump OB2-185 [18.10.2013]

Manufactured burns disposable attachments for coupling flange [14.10.2013]
Accepted an order to produce non-standard flange. Diameter of 2200mm, 120mm thickness, the material - 12X18Н9ТЛ
Shipped party bearing pads for the pumps of OPV-110 [8.10.2013]
After a series of tests and changes in the rubber compound used in the manufacture of bearings slide able to fully exclude defects because rubber exfoliation from the metal fittings.
Shipped spare parts for pump OPV16-87 [28.09.2013]
Manufactured and shipped next party of shafts to the pump OPV 16-87
Manufactured casting to the pump OPV3-110 [12.09.2013]
Manufactured casting guide apparatus to the pump OPV3-110
Produced casting tooling set the blade of the impeller OPV5 110 [27.08.2013]
New modeling equipment will allow to make to the pump impellers OV (OPV) 5-110 in a shorter time (up to 45-60days)
Shipped impellers to the pump OPV16-87 [26.08.2013]
Produced and sent to the customer impellers to the pump OPV16-87.
Produced casting to the pump OPV-185 [20.08.2013]
Produced casting - Bush of the impeller to the pump OPV-185. Casting material - steel 25L

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