Cвердмаш Производитель насосов промышленного назначения
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Engineering Center

      Specialists of "Engineering Center" can perform the most difficult tasks for the development of technical documentation for manufacturing of new pumps, upgrading pumps worn out, as well as design of individual parts and components imported, obsolete or discontinued products pumps.
Staff of the unit are designed following pumps:
Axial vertical and horizontal pumps ОВ, ОПВ, ОПГ, ОМГ;
Diagonal pumps ДВ, ДПВ;
Vertical centrifugal pump В (ВЦ);
Vertical pumps СДВ;
Centrifugal pumps of Д;
Oil pumps НПВ.
as well as a large number of spare parts to the other pump.
All projects are made using computer-aided design and analysis that prevent errors during the design stage, and accelerate the process of pre-production. The division produces complex strength calculations, analyzes the dynamics of fluids at the pump.


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